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I am Michael Chen (also known as, Junlin, mc256, m_____c, etc.).
I am a research assistant at University of Toronto.

About this Site

I just realized that I have bought too many domains. You may reach this site through many addresses. LOL

Web Hosting Service

I am hosting some websites for my friends. If you want me to host your blog, please let me know. I can allocate a KVM virtual server for you. I am also hosting the following services on my network:


Teaching Assistant @ York University (Unit 2 Contract Faculty)

Conducting lab tutorials for:

Research Assistant @ York University

Building great and interesting programs and machines that related to computer vision.

Lead iOS Developer @ Moegirlsaikou Foundation | Yuban Network Technology

We operate one of the most prominent non-profit anime fan wiki sites (Chinese website).


York University

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science

Awards and Honors:



chen256 ( at ) cse dot yorku dot ca

I can speak Cantonese廣東話, Mandarin普通话, English and Japanese日本語もできます。

我的中文博客 | 見ているアニメリスト | ミリシタが好きだ!

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